A goodbye note

After more than 40 years, we say goodbye to you.


Since 1979, we have devoted time and energy ensuring that La Rabastalière rhymes with gastronomy, good times and professional know-how. During this adventure, you were part of our lives and we part of yours. This is why one of our missions was to make our restaurant a place of comfort, a second home, a home away from home filled with personalized attention. We have worked hard to achieve our goals but it is time for us to take on new challenges.


With you, we have celebrated births, watched these children grow up to see them in turn become parents. With you, we celebrated your moments of joy and shared your trials. For that, we thank you. You have placed your trust in us and it has been an immense privilege. For over 40 years you have been there for us. Thanks to you, we have founded an institution that has allowed us to achieve and prosper. We are very grateful for this. In the midst of the current crisis, you took the time to show your love for our company and your support has touched us. Until the end, you showed us how exceptional our clientele is and we are really proud of it.


We would also like to recognize the work of all our employees who, over the years, have contributed to our success.


We hope that our dedication, our hard work, our passion for our profession, as well as our desire to offer you the best, have been able to provide you with pleasure, moments of happiness and memorable experiences. A page of history is turning. It is with enthusiasm that we embark on new projects, but also with a heavy heart, because over the years, in a way you have come to be part of the family.


Thank you,



The Gavina


Norbert, Marc Olivier and Jean-Philippe